Who are Food 4 Tomorrow?

Founded in the iconic town of Byron Bay in Northern NSW, Australia, The Food 4 Tomorrow Institute was founded by a group of like-minded people to encourage long term, sustainable changes in our food system.   We believe that we, the consumers, have the power to encourage change from farmers, food manufacturers and distributors to create a better future for all of us – and the planet.

Al Percival

Al is a local entrepreneur who, after a long career in the IT industry,  changed direction a few years ago to focus on the challenges of sustainable food production and healthy eating.  
He is the owner of Big Owl Foods, which specialises in vegan food, including the plant-based meat Byron Bay Burger.

Monique Ryan

Born and raised in the Northern Rivers, Monique spent several years roaming the seven seas as a pirate captain, waylaying ships and forcing their crew to eat vegan creations that she would rustle up in the ships galley.  Since returning to land, she has worked for a number of Not For Profit organisations, such as Aussie Ark, dedicated to preserving Australian Wildlife.  She currently works for Flow Hive,   a revolutionary system for producing honey.

Tanya Ogilvie-White

Tanya Ogilvie-White is an artist and academic who specialises in international law and peace, focusing on global security threats such as the spread of nuclear weapons and climate change.    She is the director of the New Zealand Centre for Global studies as well as running her artist’s business Scorching Skies Art.

Tina Dolphin

DAY JOB:  Tina is an executive coach, speaker and specialist communications trainer with over 18years experience designing and delivering a range of communication-based workshops throughout Australia.

PASSION: Volunteering, campaigning and advocating for a kinder and more environmentally friendly world.