The Road Ahead

Here’s an interesting fact.  We already grow enough food for the world’s population – not only today’s population, but the projected world’s population of 10 billion people in the year 2050.

That’s right. We are already producing enough food to see us through for at least 30 years – and we don’t need to clear-fell more forests, apply more climate-warming fertiliser or plough more of our natural landscapes into fields to feed all of us for the next 30 years. 

Except for one thing.  A significant proportion of that food is going to feed livestock to convert it into meat, a process we already know is hopelessly inefficient.   We currently only actually eat some 50% of all the crops that are grown – most of the rest are fed to farm animals (33%), and the rest are converted into biofuels.

So based on current land usage and changes in dietary trends, we would actually need twice the area of land we currently farm if we were to continue with the current production methods.

At Food 4 Tomorrow, we have identified 4 key areas which we believe can have the biggest impact on building a sustainable global food system. 

Changing our Protein Sources.  We think there are better options than eating animals.   Plant-based meat, Cellular Agriculture and insect farming are all promising technologies that we think are worth exploring

Reducing Food Waste.  We waste some 33% of all food produced.   By reducing this number, we can significantly reduce the environmental cost of our food system. 

Reducing Packaging Waste.   Food containers, particularly plastics, are one of the biggest culprits to the massive global pollution problem as well as using fossil fuels.   We believe this problem needs urgently addressing and there are some fantastic initiatives to do just that.

Using Water sustainably.  With a changing climate and increasing demands on our precious water resources, we think all of us have a responsibility to look at the link between our food and the health of our waterways.